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About the Project

ICF Technology is a software development company. Their main base is in Seattle, but they have three European offices as well. They deal with great technologies in the streaming field and the billing&payment too.

They needed to redesign their page because it was outdated, and it had some UX issues as well.
The result is a clean and modern website that is working on every screen size.  It got a clear design language with cool animations that we integrated with LottieFiles.

Design Process


Wireframe drawing for ICF website.

Every website starts with wireframes.

Iterate while you get the best idea.
In the design process, we need to start with wireframing. It is important to iterate over and over again the base of the layout while you get the understandable way of your work. You can win a lot of time with this technique because you can find the pain points of the website. You'll get a clean image in your head about the next steps.

UX analysis on the old website.

If you have a current website, we find the flaws in it.
We analyze the old (current) site because we don't want to make the same mistake in our designs. We thought that the old page didn't have a strong and unique brand. The presence was outdated, average, and we didn't find a good way for the call to action. Everything was blue, and there wasn't an accent color that can grab the user's attention.  The typography didn't follow a hierarchy.
Previous ICF website.
New Website

We always look after
the details.

Click here to check the website live.

ICF subpage.
MacBook with an ICF subpage.
Icon meanings in ICF website.
UI/UX details

Icons with hidden meanings.

Help in the visual understanding.
We created small icons to present the different levels of the jobs. The circle-based icons are for the working time and the rounded rectangle-based icons for the knowledge level of the job.
ICF Offices

Not just Webdesign. Branding.

The pages of the ICF website.

New technologies in Webdesign.

Animations with LottieFiles.
Lottie is an open-source animation file format that's tiny high quality, interactive, and can be manipulated at runtime.
The best is about this technology is that we don't need any coding to make motion graphics on the website. The generates files are vector-based, so the quality of the animation won't be ruined on any device.

Motion evokes emotion.

Emotion bring more users.
It humanizes your app or website, adds empathetic experiences that entertain and engage. Lottie is the easiest way to bring the motion to your apps and platforms. You just need to tell us about your ideas, we make the base of the animation, and we integrate a LottiFile to your website.

Colors give you uniqueness

Accent color of ICF website.
Background color of ICF website.
Primary color os ICF website.
Secondary color of ICF website.,
Tech EU
Tech Hungary

Responsive Webdesign.

Most of us get used to browsing with our mobile phones. If a website doesn't look good on every device, it can cause negative feelings in the users. That's why we always make responsive layouts for all web design projects.

Responsive screens of ICF website.

We always use hierarchy

Text hierarchy of ICF website.
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