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The logo is asymmetrical 
as it can be a meaning to have more material used for a product.
Decision from two version

At the beginning of the redesigning process, we created the first version.  Even though the customer liked it, somehow he felt it too dynamically and overdecorated. And suddenly everybody started to see different shapes in the logo like a butterfly, aries. It changed to a Rorschach test, and we needed to make something more classical.

Version 1 -The king of the acanthus

The based thought was the same as the second winner one, but we wanted to design something more eye-catching, something which can show the ornateness and the power of the acanthus letters.

Version 2 - The elegant queen

We cut many letters off and redesigned them to simpler and more classical. We didn't want to overdecorate the V shape again, so we used the V letter from the typos. 

The power of acanthus

The Verrocchio manufacture makes unique furniture in Hungary. They wanted to renew their logo which shows uniqueness and can also represent the classic modern style.


In the logo redesign, the aspect was to keep the acanthus letter in a form similar to the original.

How was it made?

After when we recognized the main pain points of the logo and its usage we collected ideas and forms. 

In the first place, we always make sketches, then we start the editing, where we pay attention to the details. 

Because in classic logos, each character is made for the logo, so in this case, too, a unique character set is made for the logo.

Analyze the current logo

It is difficult to use when it is in one logo and typo. The lettering is not elegant and the ornamentation is not aesthetic, the white cutouts are small only they seem to be a mistake.

Create the balance with logo grid

We retained the V symbol, but not symmetrically in a logo grid system. The basis is the V character already designed in the typo, so the typo and logo with this as well are connected. The tendon lines of the original logo come back in a more modern, edited solution.