What if Apple would create an iMac like the Mac Pro

In this iMac Pro concept, we used some design elements about the Apple XDR Display and the Apple Mac Pro.

We imagined what it would be like if the iMac could be upgraded with SSD, RAM or even multiple Video Cards after we bought it.

This device follows the same size of the apple high-end display, but with a cheaper stand and body version and there is an opener on both side which follows the Mac Pro open solution and using Apple Silicon processor.

A really Pro iMac.


Our goal was create a new iMac Pro, which we can upgrade with SSD, RAM and Video Card.


A really Pro iMac
The challenge

That concept was our first high-end industrial design concept which was hard to create, but we were so excited while under the process.We wanted an iMac concept that many users already crave, an upgradeable all in one device what we can upgrade in the future and we don't have to buy a new one. This is a really Pro iMac.

CAD concept in Shapr3D

We used the iPad application for the CAD process. The app called Shapr3D. We created a modular internal design which could use apple in every device like Mac Pro.