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About the Project

The DeearGarden is a park management company. They needed a new brand that can help elegantly identify them. The company wanted a logo design where the deer and nature appear in the same place. The result is a balanced logo, which appears in offline products - like business cards and folder designs, a website, and an introduction video where the design follows the same design language that the brand follows.

Deer Garden logo.
The logo

The harmony of the living world

Drawing the Deer Garden logo.

How was it made?

In the first step, we made sketches about different ideas.
When we got the customer's thoughts about the logo idea, we collect different forms and logotypes. It is called logo mood boarding.
When we have the mainline of the design, we draw the first draft of the logo. If we find the drawings good enough to use, we make the digitalization steps.

Analyze the current logo.

If you have a current brand, we find the flaws in it.
The old logo has some failures. First of all, it is outdated. It had a vibrant brown color which is not aesthetic, and it is hard to use on different surfaces. The typography is not clear and hard to read. Just imagine, how could you read this text from a car, or a shirt of the workers. The shape is too complex to understand. Are they plants or antlers?
The old Deer Garden logo.
Logo Grid

Create the balance with logo grid.

The grid shows the way you should go on.
For the main character, we used circles to built it. The lines follow the different circles, and the result is a total balanced shape. The line drawing is completely symmetrical. The grid shows those areas where we can not cross.
The typography balances the subtlety of the form. Everybody can read it easily both from close and far away.

Your brand has a deep meaning.

The deer head from the Deer Garden logo.
The tree shape from the Deer Garden logo.
The spade shape from the Deer Garden logo.

Colors give you uniqueness

Black Deer Garden logo version on gold background
Gold Deer Garden logo version on black background.
Negative Gold
White Deer Garden logo on gold background.
Negative Black
White Deer Garden logo version on black background.

We designed a vertical main logo that we use on prints.

Vertical Deer Garden logo.

It is more professional to use a horizontal logo in online.

Horizontal Deer Garden logo.
Offline branding elements with the Deer Garden logo.
Deer Garden name card.

We always use hierarchy

Text hierarchy for the Deer Garden.
Deer Garden logo text grid editing.
Extended Branding

All items use this design language

Click here to check the website live.

Main page of the Deer Garden.
MacBook laptop with the Deer Garden main page.

The clearest introduction.

Present yourself with video, motion design.
In this video, we used the same design language as in the website. It means you can see the logo in the intro of the video, the same type of typography in the different places and services. At the end of the video, the logo comes back as background decoration and with the message of the company as well.
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