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3D design

We can create 3D models in industrial, art and product development fields as well. If you have an idea or technical draw about your product, we can bring it to real life and stand out from the grey mass. 

High-end design

Your brand will reach the marketing goals easily with unique, high-quality 3D products. It could be a static model or an animated advertising video.

Let's see, what we could provide to you in 3D design

Product design
The power of presentation
What if Apple products use the same design language?

We designed new apple products with 3D technology, which devices built from the same design language. In this case, Apple would produce standard elements, which they could use in the iPhone and the iPad Pro or even iMac.
We used the iPad Pro design structure on a whole new iPhone concept and an upgradeable iMac with Apple Silicon processor.

Our goal was create a product line with
replaceable, standard components.
Modular design solutions help production
easier, cheaper and faster.
What is our 3D design process?

We could make a detailed CAD 3D design file about your product or idea.

It can be a concept, finished product or just an idea about your future firm.

Concept in Shapr3D

‚ÄčThe technical drawing can be accurately modelled in Shapr3D.
You can use this CAD file for your own purpose.

Finishing in Blender

A photorealistic 3D  image or advertising video takes your company on a new high level.

Modular element design concept for Apple devices